October 2020 – In Newport Beach, California, OTTO™ is executing functional performance testing on nearly 50 VAV boxes with hot water re-heat in a multi-tenant office building.

In a project being developed by a national energy solutions company, OTTO™ is seen as a great way to extend their capacity. According to the owner of the company, “being able to handle a greater workload while keeping your team small means that you can be more profitable and serve larger clients.”

Most existing building energy retrofits will include upgrades to the HVAC control system, so this energy solutions company can count on OTTO™ to be an incremental resource to handle the testing load each time. Standardizing around best practice controls sequences enables additional cost savings since OTTO™ doesn’t have to relearn it’s testing script each time. It also means that high performance is assured on every piece of equipment, not just a sampling of equipment as is often done due to testing costs.