Automated Functional Performance Testing

Automated HVAC Testing Through the Control System

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Manual vs OTTO

Automated Functional Performance Testing for Commissioning Agents and HVAC Controls Contractors

Increase Your Profits

Increase profits by dramatically reducing your testing costs. OTTO will save you money and time by more efficiently doing testing for you vs. the expense of on-site engineering labor and associated costs.

Eliminate Tedious Work

Increase job satisfaction by ending mundane, tedious and repetitive HVAC testing, instead using professionals for higher value activities that are more rewarding. Let OTTO do the boring stuff.

Deliver Better Results

Deliver better results to your clients. Automated HVAC testing allows you to easily see things you wouldn’t normally see. Spend more time solving problems instead of searching for them.

Tell OTTO What To Do For You

Log Trend Data
Automate BAS Overrides
Identify Faults
Record Key Setpoints or Sensor Values
Produce Reports
Sync Data
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OTTO Goes Beyond The Basics

Easy Seasonal Retesting

Once you’ve put OTTO to work for you, seasonal retesting is much easier.

Monitoring-Based Commissioning

OTTO can work for you 24/7/365, keeping an eye on the things that matter most to you.

Secure/Remote BAS Access

OTTO works remotely and takes security very seriously, using end-to-end encryption and 2-factor authentication. Wouldn’t you rather have remote access too?

Mechanical/Controls Health Checks

For mechanical and controls contractors, OTTO is really good at running health checks on the equipment you service.

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