November 2020 – After a long time developing and testing the concept, HP Buildings is ready to come out of stealth mode and spread the love. Commissioning is fun, but it gets kind of tedious when you find yourself running the same test over and over again. You’re a professional, and so is everyone else on your team, so why not focus your time and expertise where you add the most value… let OTTO™ take on the boring stuff. If something needs attention, OTTO™ will find it for you.

Introducing OTTO™, Automated Functional Performance Testing software by HP Buildings. Increase your profits by saving time and money, eliminate tedious and mundane work, all while providing a broader, more thorough testing regimen than you would ever normally do. Manual vs OTTO™? It’s time to get automated!

OTTO™ is software for commissioning professionals and controls contractors. You tell OTTO™ what to do for you: Automated Functional Performance Testing, Seasonal Testing, Ongoing Monitoring-Based Commissioning, HVAC/Controls Health Checks, Remote BAS Access.