October 2020 – The Commissioning Group at Mazzetti is working with HP Buildings to test out “OTTO™-mated” functional performance testing on a new patient tower for a major healthcare owner. OTTO will automate functional performance testing on over 200 VAV terminal units with both hot water re-heat and radiant heating panels.

The amount of time budgeted to spend on-site testing these units is incredible. Experts from both Mazzetti and Honeywell (the controls contractor) expected to spend days together to execute this highly repetitive testing. Now, OTTO™ will complete the testing through an automated testing script, applied to each VAV box, quietly from afar.

According to John Dombrowski, Associate Principal and Senior Commissioning Agent at Mazzetti, “There are literally over 8,000 functional performance questions to answer for these 200-odd VAV boxes. We would love to automate this process so we can spend more time focusing on higher value activities.”

Not only is OTTO™ programmed to complete the original functional performance testing script that Mazzetti had prepared, but the testing is more rigorous because OTTO™ allows you to see how all of the points are reacting over a period of time.

Mazzetti is a global provider of MEP engineering design, commissioning, and technology consulting. Their vision is to make the world a better place by creating better, healthier environments. Though Mazzetti’s deepest expertise is in Healthcare—energy-intensive, critical systems–they are also skilled in a wide range of technically complex environments, from data centers to airports to clean rooms.

Mazzetti’s commissioning experts are an integral part of the project team, not just a “third-party” review agency. They strive to “make everyone look better” and to actively participate in solutions, not merely point out problems.