September 2020 – HP Buildings is pleased to be working with Platinum Building Automation in North Carolina to develop remote testing solutions for their BAS integration and service work. Platinum Building Automation is a master systems integrator with a strong reputation for delivering quality outcomes. They find themselves working on projects that are formally commissioned by third party commissioning agents and pride themselves on being well prepared for the testing phase.

“If we can automatically run each HVAC device through its sequence of operations to find errors, we can save tons of time when it comes time to turn the system over to the owner,” says Jason Williams, Co-Founder and Director of Business Operations at Platinum Building Automation. “For buildings we service, OTTO™ can take on some of the more tedious testing we find ourselves doing to make sure our clients’ systems are working the way they should be working.”

Platinum Building Automation seeks to change the way building automation is delivered: by providing technical expertise, superior service, and open-sourced products.