BACnet Journal - Automated Commissioning

Derek McGarry, PE, LEED AP, President of OTTO, discussed how BACnet enables Automated Functional Performance Testing. Look for “BACnet Streamlines Commissioning HVAC Systems”, in BACnet International Journal, Spring 2021.

Read full article here, on page 13.

Energy Management Association – Members Using OTTO to Deliver Better Results to Owners

February, 2021 - Introduced as an "exciting new way to do commissioning", Darren Draper, PE, CxA, explained to the owners and contractors on some recent commissioning projects that they can now test 100% of HVAC terminal units, rather than 30%, for the same cost… Read More at

Beep.. Boop… Bop - OTTO FPT

January 2021 - Automation of FPT is a thing! OTTO™ connects to your project’s BAS, executes setpoint overrides to force HVAC systems into various modes, records 1-minute interval trend data, and answers your functional questions automatically. It has been proven out on hundreds of HVAC units and on multiple controls platforms…

Over the holidays, OTTO™ was hard at work up in Erie, Pennsylvania. Without complaint, OTTO™ worked Christmas AND New Years, conducting functional performance testing on VAV terminal units in a new hospital patient wing on behalf of Mazzetti’s national commissioning group.

Like most construction projects, time is short and multiple trades are hard at work trying to get the facility ready for occupancy. There is no internet, either, but that’s ok because OTTO™ can just use cellular. The commissioning agent and controls contractor review test results in the morning, make adjustments to the controls during the day, then OTTO™ runs at night. No complaints, no sleep, no problem.

Down in Atlanta, Georgia, OTTO™ is ready to be plugged into the BAS for ASHRAE’s new headquarters building. In the next couple of weeks, OTTO™ will run methodical functional performance test scripts on 75 radiant cooling and heating zones on behalf of Epsten Group, the Commissioning Agent for that project.

Here in Charlotte, North Carolina, OTTO™ is on standby at a senior living facility, waiting patiently for the go-ahead to test 190 additional fan coil units. OTTO™ already tested a bunch of older fan coil units on the same network as part of a prior project.

OTTO™ can move fast, give it a try on just some, or all, of the FPT on your next project… Schedule a Chat!